Android 2.0 Source Code Available

Nov 18, 2009

Google has pushed the source code for its new Android 2.0, code-named Eclair, into its open source repository. A few parts are missing, though.

As Jean-Baptiste Queru of the Android project announced, the source code for Eclair is now available for download in a separate branch of the Android Open Source Platform (AOSP).

The source code branch is a snapshot of the internal Eclair tree for Google's Droid mobile phone. Unfortunately the changelog is missing from the branch, to avoid revealing internals Google wants to keep close to its chest. However, Google didn't want to delay releasing what was ready, with further parts of the code to follow under open source licensing.

The project acknowledges that the code won't build on the first generation Android devices, the Dev Phone 1 (ADP1) and ION/ADP2. Here also Google decided to go ahead with releasing the source code so that the community could come up with a solution in the meantime.

Queru will also have a solution soon for the broken calendar. An update to the master tree should also soon follow. Download of the current source code is at the Android website.

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