Android 2.2 Officially Available Today

Jun 23, 2010

Andy Rubin confirms that 2.2 is open-sourced and ready for OEMs and consumers.

Today at Verizon's Droid X event, Google's Andy Rubin announced that Android 2.2 (codename: Froyo) would launch for both OEMs and consumers at 2 p.m. EST. This allows companies to update from Android 2.1 over-the-air, as well as implement the OS into future smartphones on the factory line.

Android 2.2 has several noteworthy features including enhanced cloud services, an improved compiler that boosts performance on existing hardware and the V8 Javascript engine for faster web browsing. Also on-tap for Android 2.2: 10.1 Flash compatibility through a standalone app.

It's uncertain how soon OEMs will adopt Android 2.2. Motorola's timetable from last week made no mention of Froyo and HTC has promised updates for the Evo 4G, Incredible, and other phones by the end of this year.

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