Dojo 1.3.0 Supports WebKit and IE8

Apr 03, 2009

The Dojo JavaScript toolkit is available in version 1.3.0 with enhanced support for browsers such as Internet Explorer 8, Chrome and Safari.

The cross-browser library works with IE 6.0 through 8.0 and WebKit-based browsers such as Safari 3.1 and Google's Chrome 3.1. Only the Dojo Core is supported on Opera 9.6 and Konqueror versions from 3.5 on, according to the release notes. Firefox support is for versions 1.5 through 3.0, but with the Dijit widgets supported only for versions from 2.0 on.

The Dojo CSS query engine is called Acme, which, according to the Dojo Foundation, should be the fastest one available. Developers also fixed 700 bugs. The API documentation was updated and expanded as XML and is available on the Uxebu webpage.

Dojo 1.3.0 is under the Academic Free License (AFL). JavaScript code is ready for download or you can pull it to client from Google or AOL servers, as a blog entry describes along with exposing some new API commands.

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