Fedora Will Make the Leap to Package Source Control System Git

Dec 18, 2009

During the FUDCon in Toronto, the Fedora team discussed changes to central infrastructure, among which the change to Git.

The Fedora project would like to change their package source control system of choice from CVS to Git in time for their next version (Fedora 13). Requests in light of a change were present as early as Version 6. However, the need to go through with the switch was not carried out due to the majority of developers’ consideration that CVS was good enough.

The modification comes about now for various reasons. One of which could be the fact that the Gnome project has switched to Git for their package source control purposes. The difference here is that Gnome used subversion (SVN) as a transition, which Fedora will do without when making the jump from CVS to Git.

The time line for the planned move is not 100% etched in stone. As Jesse Keating wrote in his blog, it should take place around Version 13, but possibly shortly thereafter. Next, several test runs with import tools cvs2git and cvsimport (from Git) are planned.

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