IPFire 2.11

Aug 14, 2012

The IPFire development team has released the 61st core update for IPFire 2.11, a hardened Linux appliance distribution designed for use as a firewall.

According to the IPFire website, IPFire offers corporate-level network protection for everyone from home users to large corporations and focuses on security, stability, and ease of use.
The latest version of IPFire features improved OpenVPN support. Now, static routes may be defined for OpenVPN clients, connections can now be renamed when importing them, and OpenVPN N2N connections are displayed with their status on the index page. Additionally, for security reasons, more than 30 bugs have been fixed for PHP 5.3.14.
According to the announcement, the Reiser4 filesystem will no longer be supported. The IPFire developers say that it has become too difficult to keep their kernels in sync with the Reiser4 development state. The developers recommend making a backup of your system and reinstalling it with one of the filesystems offered by the installer.
The IPFire developers also state that the next major version of IPFire will come with an updated Linux 3.x kernel. The IPFire open source firewall solution is available for free download.

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