Linux loses Steam

Apr 26, 2010

Linux Client Pulled from Valve Server

After a big deal was made about a Linux version of the Steam game engine from Valve and even the appearance of an early test version, the relevant files are now missing from the Valve server.

Last week Phoronix reported that they found clear indications of Linux code in the Mac OS X version of Steam. Speculations of an early beta also flew about, with the Steam Linux client binaries and libraries included.

As it turns out, game fans will have to wait a bit longer. After the update of the (proprietary) client and libraries on April 23, the corresponding files suddenly disappeared over the following weekend from the server, or at least a 404 error was returned. So the question arises again about when Linux will come to Steam.

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  • pwnageness

    HAHAHA disregard this article, STEAM IS BACK FOOLS!!! big-smile
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