Mageia Project Announces Mageia 3 Linux

May 21, 2013

Many package updates and Steam integration highlight the latest from the Mandriva-based community Linux. 

"All grown up and ready to go dancing" was the headline from the Mageia project, announcing the arrival of the Mageia 3. Mageia is a community-based Linux distribution forked from the commercial Mandriva Linux, with contributions from several former Mandriva employees.

Although the Linux space has largely consolidated over the past few years, Mageia is one of the few 2nd-tier contenders that has the potential to gain a larger audience. The legacy of the Mandriva (formerly Mandrake) code base is long and illustrious, dating from the early days of the Linux movement, with a user-friendly outlook and a signature collection of handy system management tools. Mandriva also brought a unique regional appeal, with its headquarters in France and a large following in Brazil following its merger with Brazilian Linux vendor Conectiva.

The all-volunteer Mageia community has yet to reclaim the full stature of its Mandriva legacy; however, the fact that Mandriva has actually had the number 2 spot on the DistroWatch hit list for the past year -- second only to Mint and ahead of Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian, and openSUSE -- confirms that this proud and powerful community Linux is still in the running. The latest release comes with Linux kernel 3.8, as well as the KDE 4.10 and Gnome 3.6 desktops. See the Mageia release notes for more information. See the Mageia 3 release notes for more information.

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