Mandriva Enterprise Server 5.1 builds on KVM

Mar 16, 2010

The French Linux distributor Mandriva, has updated its Enterprise Server 5 that first appeared mid 2009.

The manufacturer emphasizes the update not only fixes bugs but also offers customers new features, which Mandriva is calling "Evolution Maintenance." With version 5.1, the distributor has its focus very much on virtualization, relying on the official kernel technology KVM. The tools delivered promise a simpler management of virtualization systems.

Mandriva Enterprise Server 5.1 also contains Mandriva Directory Server (MDS). The Enterprise Linux conforms to the LSB 4 standard and has an expected lifetime of five years.

The server is available on subscription and which costs around 300 Euro (about $400) a year. A free trial version , available on registration, as ISO or VM image is also available.

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  • First Glance

    Last fall I took Mandriva's desktop system, Mandriva 2010, for a test drive and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. The Mandriva developers make one of the most user-friendly, stable and elegant systems in the Linux ecosystem. Having played with their Enterprise Server on my website, I find it to be in the same class of excellence. The Enterprise Server is fast, stable, easy to configure and wonderfully intuitive to use. One of the things I enjoyed most about using MES is it does a great job of balancing giving information to the user while staying out of the way. There aren't any annoying pop-ups and neither is the user left alone in an empty sea of UNIX.
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