Mozilla Lets Companies Build Their Own Firefox Browsers

Jun 10, 2009

With its Build Your Own Browser program, Mozilla wants to make it easy for enterprise customers to install personalized Firefoxes.

The next version of Firefox, 3.5, should appear by the end of June and the new program will be implemented with it. Build Your Own Browser consists of two parts: individually customizable browsers and help installing them on desktops across the enterprise. Mike Beltzner, Firefox's director at Mozilla, describes the benefits in an interview: configuring bookmarks to corporate sites or portals and adapting the page design to the company logo, and that across all company desktops. The enterprise can use a Mozilla Web application to establish the look and feel for their browser, and as soon as it's configured, the application will send it to the company along with an enterprise-wide installation program.

The optical treats are provided by Personas, an add-on program that Mozilla released the end of March. This tool could code logos at top and bottom in the company colors, thereby providing an individualized and easily changeable browser skin. The Personas tool has gained quite a following since its launch, as Mozilla Labs reports, with 5 million downloads in the first ten weeks.

Firefox 3.5 is available in 70 languages in its current beta version. Release is scheduled to be within the next couple of weeks.

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