Q3 2007: Intel Makes a Profit, AMD a Loss

Oct 22, 2007

The two chip manufacturers closed Q3 with a net loss of US$ 396 m for AMD and a profit of US$ 1.9 billion for Intel.

AMD's net loss in the third quarter 2007 was US$ 396 m compared to a loss of US$ 457 m in the previous quarter. Figures are considerably down from last year, when AMD’s operating income was US$ 121 m in the same period.

The successful launch of the Quadcore Opteron CPU family and the Radeon 2000 graphics processors gave AMD a slight boost. Turnover totaled just over US$ 1.6 billion, 18 percent more than in the second quarter and 23 percent more than in the same period last year. The third quarter figures also include a negative impact of US$ 120 m due to AMD's acquistion of ATI Technologies in July 2006, according to the announcement by AMD.

Intel's turnover rose by 15 percent to US$ 10.1 in comparison to last year's figures. Net income was US$ 1.9 billion. Intel's announcement (PDF, 109 KByte) states that its microprocessor business was profitable, although average prices were low. Chipsets and flash memory also sold well, according to Intel.

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