Trojitá: New Qt-Based IMAP Client

Sep 03, 2009

KDE developer Jan Kundrat presents a new IMAP mail client named Trojitá. The Qt4 program developed for his bachelor thesis should be ready for prime time in the next months.

Kundrat revived an old project from his last school years for Trojitá: based on a dissatisfaction with the KMail from KDE3 at the time and crashing Thunderbird, years ago he had written an IMAP library in Python. He most recently translated his work into C++ and Qt4.5 for his bachelor thesis at the Charles University in Prague.

According to Kundrat, the resulting stable program conforms to the IMAP4 standard and RFC 3501. Trojitá also provides a few extras: the program can tunnel the IMAP protocol through SSH and has a bandwidth-friendly mode for mobile users with expensive connections. Add to that HTML mail and a rudimentary offline mode.

The Trojitá GUI program would not disappoint any IMAP client user. The Qt application will become more mature over the next few months.

Kundrat introduces the mail program in his weblog and promises to make the improvements to it. He also dedicated a separate website to Trojitá and the source code of the GPL program is on in the Gitorious repository.

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  • "Trojitá"

    >> Can you please explain to me what exactly the name "Trojita" means? Thanks

    It is Czech word and it means something like "Triple" in English.
  • Name

    Can you please explain to me what exactly the name "Trojita" means? Thanks
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