Video: Keynote Conference at the Desktop Summit

Jul 09, 2009

Keynote speakers have been facing the press at the Gran Canaria Desktop Summit. Richard Stallman, Walter Bender and Robert Lefkowitz discussed the birth process of free software.

FSF founder Stallman declared himself firmly result-oriented: how developers work is entirely up to them. Important is ether or not the software uses a free license. He added, "If you take your eyes off your freedom, it's likely to not be there when you look back."

Walter Bender from Sugar Labs emphasized the culture of openness and discussion in the world of free software projects, and he hopes to link this with his own pedagogic programs The liberal software philosopher Lefkowitz asked a basic question: what use is program code to someone who can' write programs.

Richard Stallman, Walter Bender and Robert Lefkovitz at Gran Canaria Desktop Summit.

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