Home, Sweet Home: Sweet Home 3D 2.1 Linux Version

Oct 06, 2009

3D design applications are somewhat an anomaly among Linux. Sweet Home 3D proves that good, free programs now exist in that market.

The new Sweet Home 3D version 2.1 allows interior designers to work per browser, but the Java program requires a fully functioning 3D driver. Registered users can store their online plans in SH3D format and continue to work on them offline.

"Maybe we should choose the red curtains instead of the green ones."

Developers lowered the maximum used memory from 1 GByte to 512 MBytes so that users with less RAM can try the program. They also added Japanese and Vietnamese localization. Apart from these and a few other minor changes, version 2.1 is considered a bugfix release.

Sweet Home 3D is under GPLv2 and available for download from the project page.

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    red curtains would be much better!
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