Itools 0.20.0: Major Release of the Python Library

Dec 21, 2007

Version 0.20.0 of Itools, a function rich library for Python programmers, has now been released.

The most obvious change to the release is the fact that the "itools.cms" package has disappeared. It will be released as a separate package dubbed Ikaaro in future. The HTML package has now become a component of the XHTML package.

According to the developer, Juan David Ibanez Palomar, the jump from 0.16 auf 0.20 also marks the introduction of a new versioning scheme. The next major releases will be 0.30, 0.40 and so on; the Ikaaro numbers will be similar.

On top of this, the programmers have revised the architecture of the "itools.handlers" package. The database layer, which supports atomic transactions, is new. Apart from this, there has been some term cleanup work. The upgrade notes in the source code tarball and the documentation list the most important changes.

Besdes the source code archive, there is also a Windows installer for the Python versions 2.4 and 2.5 on the Itools homepage. The library is licensed under the GPL version 3.

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