Red Hat Rolls Out RHEL 6.4

Feb 25, 2013

The latest Enterprise Linux includes better support for Microsoft Hpyer-V and Active Directory.

Red Hat has announced a new release of its flagship Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) Linux system. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.4 is an industrial-strength Linux product intended for professional environments. The latest release emphasizes interoperability, with several new features designed for integration with Microsoft environments. For instance, new support for Redmond's Hyper-V virtualization technology will make it easier for RHEL to function as a guest on a Microsoft-based Hyper-V host system. The new release also includes enhanced Active Directory features, such as improved Active Directory authentication through the System Security Services Daemon.

The recent Samba 4, with its celebrated "full support" for Active Directory protocols, is present in RHEL 6.4, but only in the form of a technical preview. Enterprise-grade Linux distros such as RHEL place the emphasis on stability and compatibility, and the integration and testing process means they take a little longer to incorporate news technologies.

Another important addition to the RHEL package list is Parallel NFS (pNFS), which is based on the NFS 4.1 standard. pNFS brings the benefits of parallel processing to the classic NFS network storage service.

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