TCPDF 3.0: More Image Formats and CMYK for PDFs

Mar 28, 2008

Version 3.0 of TCPDF, a PHP library for creating PDF documents has just been released.

The developers have completely reworked the image handling routines: the PHP5 class now supports any image format supported by the underlying GD library. Image scaling has been added as a new feature. The CMYK colorspace is now available in addition to grayscale and RGB. The text function can now generated strike through and cut-off text.

TCPDF has been under development since 2002. The PHP class creates PDF documents in any ISO page format as well as custom formats. It supports the UTF-8 character set and right to left (RTL) languages. Bookmarks, forms and Javascript in PDF files are also supported.

TCPDF 3.0 is licensed under the LGPL and available from the project homepage.

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