Running Mac OS X under Linux


Article from Issue 54/2005

Emulators now give users the ability to run their beloved Mac OS X on Linux, bringing birds of a feather back together

The easiest way to run Mac programs on Linux is the free Mac-on-Linux [1] software. Mac-on- Linux does not give you a hardware emulation and thus requires an Apple computer. The Mac-on-Linux package theoretically supports other PowerPC architectures [2], such as the Pegasos [3], but installing the Apple operating system, MacOS, on these architectures would contravene the license agreement. Linux for Apple You can use Mac-on-Linux with any Apple computer. Of course your Linux distribution needs to support the PowerPC processor [4]. The following distributions have this ability: Fedora Core 3 [5], Gentoo [6], Debian [7], Ubuntu [8], and Yellow Dog [9].

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