Cleaning up log and cache files with BleachBit


BleachBit effectively, quickly, and conveniently cleans up the file ballast on your machine, and it gives you a graphical interface into the bargain. The software is not restricted to log archives or temporary files; it also makes an extremely valuable contribution to data protection by deleting the cache files and cookies.

Context-sensitive help makes deletion more transparent to users. Power users will appreciate the option of monitoring and deleting logfiles and cache files created by specific applications.

The software provides good performance out of the box: On our lab machine, BleachBit freed more than 100MB of disk space despite a conservative software installation (Figure 4). All told, BleachBit is perfect for Linux newcomers and is highly recommended as a standard tool on any well-maintained machine.

Figure 4: Fast and efficient BleachBit freed more than 100MB of disk space.


  1. BleachBit homepage:
  2. Guide for creating your own modules:

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