Backing up data with luckyBackup

At the Press of a Button

Article from Issue 144/2012

Fully automatic and space-saving backups – that’s what luckyBackup promises. This tool combines Rsync with other techniques into one comfortable application for backing up data.

Surveys conducted by the online backup specialists Backblaze show that in 2011, only six percent of computer users regularly made backups. If your disk gives up the ghost, if a script or program backfires, or if a malicious thief steals your laptop, then you are faced with the worst-case data disaster. Generally, you can kiss all your documents, photos, household bookkeeping, and entire music collection goodbye.

Although everyone knows that making regular backups protects against data loss, many people still don’t do so. Too time-consuming, too complicated, or the optimistic assumption that bad things only happen to other people are among the most popular excuses. Many people think of cryptic tar and rsync entries on the command line when they hear the word “backup,” but backing up data, even in the background, is very easy to do with luckyBackup.

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