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Wireless thermo-hygrometer

NEWS: Comfy Digs free

WLAN security

KNOW-HOW: Tracing free

Klaus Knopper answers your Linux questions

KNOW-HOW: Ask Klaus!

Remote Control

Controlling PCs with an Android smartphone


Did you leave your system running? Did you forget to start a critical backup? Control your Linux computer from anywhere with an Android phone.


Using the mobile Internet


Thanks to the modems built into today’s smartphones and tablets, you can use fast mobile Internet from almost anywhere. The mobile devices can also get your laptop online.

Secure Video Surveillance

SYSADMIN: Camera Shy

International Technology News

NEWS: News

Astaro 8.100 Beta Testing Begins


Wireless security and Linux

SYSADMIN: Access Point

Resurrected: KBluetooth


Issue 43_SI: LibreOffice Expert/Special Editions

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