Encryption with VeraCrypt


VeraCrypt impresses in three scenarios: (1) Access to VeraCrypt-encrypted objects is possible across platforms with Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows; (2) the GUI is ideal for volumes unlocked only when needed, whereas the Linux on-board tools play to their strengths with system-integrated, permanently mounted filesystems; (3) hidden VeraCrypt containers cannot be demonstrated to exist "by design," which adds security that you might need depending on the political situation in your country.

VeraCrypt comes with a bootloader that starts Windows systems in hidden containers. However, with an up-to-date Cryptsetup binary and some modifications to the initial ramdisk, this function can be emulated under Linux, too. Incidentally, VeraCrypt on Linux uses the kernel's dm-crypt mechanism for encryption on the fly, as do the Linux on-board methods, thus removing the need for a separate kernel module that could compromise system stability.


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