Create, display, and evaluate geodata with QGIS


QGIS supports various linking routines and also provides the ability to import and export geodata. Since geodata usually exists in tables or databases, you can also create individual links to an external datasets. To save a layer in a database for export, you can create a file in GeoPackage format.

To create a new GeoPackage, click on New GeoPackage Layer… in the upper-left corner of the toolbar or select the function of the same name from the Layer | Create Layer menu. Enter the name of the database, the data table, the field name, and the type and length of the field. QGIS then copies the individual fields into the attribute table in the list area at the bottom of the window. After clicking OK, the software creates the GeoPackage and a corresponding layer in the layer view.


QGIS is the killer solution for viewing, creating, and visualizing geographic data. The software provides an enormous range of functions. A logical and intuitive user interface makes QGIS an easy option for hobby geographers as well as professionals.

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