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Tutorial – PeerTube

Article from Issue 232/2020

With PeerTube you can self-host your videos without the limitations embedded in YouTube and similar platforms.

PeerTube [1] is a free and open source video hosting and sharing platform with great ambitions. With PeerTube, everybody can set up a website where all registered users can upload, organize, and share as they like all their videos, without the constraints and risks that plague platforms like YouTube.

In this tutorial, I will describe the main components of a full PeerTube installation, how they work, and above all the pros and cons of running your own instance versus just registering as a user on somebody else's instance. This is necessary, because ignoring PeerTube would be a serious error, but it would also be a mistake to jump into it without clear ideas of what's involved.

I will also outline how to set up and use a PeerTube user account on existing instances, and how to prepare yourself for installing your own.


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