Views on the 2019 RISC-V Summit

Doghouse – RISC-V Summit

Article from Issue 232/2020

While attending the second summit on RISC-V architecture, maddog was blown away by the level of openness and collaboration.

About a year ago, I wrote an article on the RISC-V architecture and how it seemed to be interesting. I also pointed out that it seemed to be moving along very fast, but there were naysayers who were questioning whether it would get off the ground. I advised the naysayers to wait a year before offering their opinions.

On December 9-12, 2019, I attended the second RISC-V Summit in San Jose, California. There were a little under 3,000 attendees, a few of whom I had worked with over the years at Digital Equipment Corporation, on the Linux kernel project, or other similar projects and companies.

Quite frankly, I was blown away.


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