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Scripting HedgeDoc

Besides managing users, you can also manage HedgeDoc notes using the command line or shell scripts. You can use hedgedoc-cli [12] to publish or save an existing note as a PDF file, to create new notes from existing local files, or to quickly import all the pads in an Etherpad account into HedgeDoc [13]. For instance, these two commands:

#> hedgedoc import /path/to/markdown/file.md abcdef
#> hedgedoc publish abcdef

create a note that would be editable at https://HEDGEDOC_URL/abcdef and readable at https://HEDGEDOC_URL/s/exampleid.


If you ask me, Markdown is so easy, powerful, and flexible that it is a shame more people do not already use it as their preferred text formatting language. HedgeDoc makes Markdown even easier to use, and possibly also to teach to others, so give it a try!


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  7. Slideshow demo: https://demo.hedgedoc.org/p/slide-example
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  12. hedgedoc-cli: https://github.com/hedgedoc/cli
  13. How to import Etherpad pads into HedgeDoc:https://docs.hedgedoc.org/guides/migrate-etherpad/

The Author

Marco Fioretti (http://mfioretti.com) is a freelance author, trainer, and researcher based in Rome, Italy. He has been working with free/open source software since 1995 and on open digital standards since 2005. Marco also is a Board Member of the Free Knowledge Institute (http://freeknowledge.eu) and blogs about digital rights at https://stop.zona-m.net.

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