Article from Issue 272/2023

In the news: New Release of Br OS Includes ChatGPT Integration, Command-Line Only Peropesis 2.1, TUXEDO Computers Announces InfinityBook Pro 14, Linux Kernel 6.3 Release Includes Interesting Features, Fedora 38 Released with New Features, LXQt 1.3 Released with Bug Fixes, 4MLinux 42.0 Now Ready for Prime Time

New Release of Br OS Includes ChatGPT Integration

If you're a web content creator, Br OS might be a great option for you. Only in its third year, this Brazilian-born Linux distribution, created by Anderson Marques, focuses on having an operating system ready to use from the moment of installation.

With Br OS, users will enjoy image- and video-editing tools, security tools, trace hiding, and tools for publishing content even in countries with authoritarian governments.

However, it's the integration of ChatGPT that might garner the attention of a lot of Linux users. The developer has integrated ChatGPT in such a way that it's easily accessible from the desktop menu and doesn't have access to local data.

ChatGPT runs isolated within the application. By clicking the ChatGPT icon, you can log in with your OpenAI account and start using the service. As you use ChatGPT, the only data the service can collect is what you type into it.

This latest release of Br OS includes Linux kernel 6.2, KDE Plasma 5.27.4, and QT 5.15.8.

You can read all about the latest version from the release notes ( (in Portuguese) and download an ISO for installation from the official Br OS site (

Command-Line Only Peropesis 2.1

Peropesis might not be for everyone but if you're looking for a small-scale, minimal, GUI-less operating system to use as the base for something special, this might be what you're looking for.

Peropesis includes only free software, such as console tools for email, web browsing, data recovery, and development. You can use Peropesis for educational purposes, fixing a broken OS, data recovery, development, and more.

Peropesis 2.1 adds automake and autoconf into the mix and also includes tools such as Perl, lzip, zstd, GNU GCC and g++, bash, binutils, bzip2, pkg-config, tar, wget, and more. You can find the complete package list here (

New updates for version 2.1 include coreutils 9.3, e2fsprogs 1.47.0, elfutils 0.189, glibc 2.37, grep 3.10, guile 3.0.9, iana-etc 20230418, krb5 1.20.1, libcap 2.68, Links 2.29, Linux kernel 6.3.0, linux-firmware 20230404, lzlib 1.13, Make 4.4.1, OpenSSL 3.1.0, Procps-ng 4.0.3, sqlite 3.41.2, wireless-regdb-master 2023-02-13, xz 5.4.2.

You can download a live ISO (, which isn't intended to be written to a drive but run directly from memory. The ISO is very small (205MB) and should run on aging hardware without a problem.

TUXEDO Computers Announces InfinityBook Pro 14

TUXEDO Computers has refreshed their popular InfinityBook Pro 14 with a 16:10 3K display, a 99 Wh battery, and full Linux support.

According to TUXEDO, "The unique combination of an extremely light and slim magnesium body with an exceptionally powerful high-end processor for this form factor and the maximum 99 Wh battery capacity allowed for airplane carry-on combines maximum mobility with strong performance for business, multimedia, and even image and video editing on a premium 14-inch high-resolution display."

The 99 Wh battery delivers a reported 16 hours of idle time and is charged, via the USB-C (Power Delivery DC-in) or the 90-watt power supply.

As far as CPU goes, the refreshed InfinityBook Pro 14 includes an Intel Core i7-13700 (14 cores and 20 threads) that can be driven with 40 watts (instead of the weaker 15 watts of energy-saving CPUs in competing ultrabooks), thereby turning this laptop into a beast of a mobile workstation. And with dual-fan cooling, there shouldn't be any concern about heat.

TUXEDO also includes the pre-installed TUXEDO Control Center, so users can easily adjust the power limits for the CPU (between 5 and 45 watts).

The display is 3K and the chassis is a slim 17mm thick with a 1.3-kg magnesium case. You can equip the TUXDEO InfinityBook Pro with up to 2 32 GBDDR5-6400 RAM and 1 M.2 SSD (PCI-Express 4.0) with up to 4 TB of internal storage.

The TUXEDO InfinityBook Pro 14 can be pre-ordered today (; at the time of writing, delivery is scheduled to start at the end of May.

The base configuration of the InfinityBook Pro 14 – Gen8 with Intel Core i7-13700H, a 14-inch Omnia display, 2 x 8 GB DDR5 RAM, and a 250 GB Samsung 980 SSD, as well as TUXEDO OS preinstalled, has an entry-level price of EUR1,427.73 (excl. VAT).

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