Git Essentials

Seven general-purpose Git utilities

Sep 15, 2020

While Git tools and add-ons abound, these seven utilities can help any user make the most of Git.

Ghost Hunter

Search for processes by start time

Sep 04, 2020

How do you find a process running on a Linux system by start time? The question sounds trivial, but the answer is trickier than it first appears.


System Monitoring with Glances

May 04, 2020

Admins and power users like to watch the load on their computers. Glances lets you see immediately if something is wrong.

Tutorial – CalDAV/CardDAV

Personal Data Manager

May 04, 2020

You can manage your calendars and address books with the CalDAV/CardDAV standards, Nextcloud, and a few open source tools.

Interview – The Xen Project

The Big Picture

May 04, 2020

Lars Kurth of the Xen Project talks about trends, markets, and the project's various threads of development.

Convenient Connection

Tangram integrates social media services in a single app

May 04, 2020

Tangram lets you track social media portals like Facebook and Twitter, as well as web-based messengers like Whatsapp and Telegram, in a single application window.

Advanced Features of LibreOffice Impress

Impress at Work

Aug 18, 2020

Do more with LibreOffice Impress! It’s a great tool for creating outlines and flashcards, and it has many features and extensions that make it easy to pull together professional presentations.

Tweak Talk

Tips for speeding up your Linux system

Aug 04, 2020

If you are looking for ways to speed up your Linux, consider this collection of curated performance tweaks.

Picture This

Drawing diagrams with PlantUML

May 04, 2020

With PlantUML, you can quickly create all kinds of diagrams using human-readable text and reuse them anywhere.

Touch and Go

Managing and provisioning VMs

May 04, 2020

With Vagrant, you can automate the creation and management of consistent virtual machines that work across platforms.

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