Days of XENIX

Exploring Microsoft's forgotten Unix distribution

Mar 25, 2021

It might seem surprising today, but before Linux arrived on the scene, Microsoft was a leading player in the Unix world. We look at XENIX, Microsoft's lost Unix distro, and show how you can boot up XENIX in a virtual machine.

Writing Workshop

Write screenplays with Kit Scenarist

Apr 28, 2021

Creative writers take note! Kit Scenarist is a free application designed to simplify the process of writing a screenplay.

Push of a Button

Senior citizen-friendly video telephony system with a Raspberry Pi

Mar 25, 2021

A video telephony system with huge user benefits does not have to be complex. This project starts a phone call with just a single button press and switches channels automatically on a TV.

Putting It Together

A new fork of RawTherapee offers tools for photo editing

Mar 25, 2021

RAW converters are the first tool to use in editing photos, and new solutions and programs have the potential to make users' lives easier. How does ART stack up?

Tutorial – Lyrics-in-terminal

Automatically view song lyrics as you listen

Mar 25, 2021

Whether you listen to music on Spotify or a classic audio player like Rhythmbox, Lollypop, or Audacious, a tool named Lyrics-in-terminal will let you read the lyrics for the track you are currently playing.

Text Art

Rendering images as text

Mar 05, 2021

If you need to display an image in the terminal or as plain HTML, a variety of smart tools can help with the conversion.

Reconsidering TweetDeck

An Alternative Twitter Interface

Aug 27, 2021

Once a problem child on Linux, the Twitter client TweetDeck now installs easily, offering unrivaled features. However, potential changes in the updated beta version raise potential concerns for its future as an alternative Linux-based Twitter interface.

Home Director

Home automation with a Raspberry Pi

Mar 05, 2021

Control devices from different manufacturers of home automation devices from a single interface by combining free software and a Raspberry Pi.

Font Roundup

Simplify font selection with Font Manager

Mar 05, 2021

Font Manager makes it simpler to find the specific font you're looking for and to compare font options side by side.

Notepad Plus

A programmable scratchpad

Mar 05, 2021

Boop, a digital scratchpad, lets you convert data from your desktop instead of exposing confidential data online. You can even extend Boop with your own functions using JavaScript.

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