Impersonating Other Systems with the Zorin Appearance Tool


Jan 10, 2022

The Zorin Appearance tool can mimic the desktop layout of proprietary operating systems, making it appealing to newcomers.

Moving Pictures

Create screencasts with menyoki

Jul 02, 2021

Short snippets using animated GIFs are often sufficient to show what's happening on your desktop. With menyoki, you can create these animations from the command line.

Log In and Go

Automate your web logins

Jul 02, 2021

Automated web logins with command-line tools and Selenium ensure you don't miss scheduling an activity.

The Users' Network

An interview with IRCNow's Aaron Lin

Jul 02, 2021

IRCNow empowers users and lets them break free from social media giants. Project leader Aaron Lin shares his vision.

Virtual Whiteboard

Freehand writing and drawing

Jul 02, 2021

Xournal brings the whiteboard to the PC to aid in all of your online learning activities.

Cycles for Science

Distributed computing in the service of COVID research

Nov 04, 2021

Linux and the BOINC distributed computing platform help researchers fight the COVID-19 virus.

Peer Group

Tox: Text, voice, and video chats without a central server

May 30, 2021

The Tox protocol uses file-sharing techniques for messaging and audio-video chats, which gives users a greater degree of privacy and freedom.

Getting Ready for PipeWire

Heir Apparent

Dec 03, 2021

In the coming year, PipeWire will replace PulseAudio resulting in better audio on Linux. If you can't wait, here's what you need to know to get started with PipeWire.

Home Automaton

Home Assistant makes the Raspberry Pi fit for the Z-Wave world

May 30, 2021

Z-Wave components, a RaZberry module, and the free Home Assistant software make the Raspberry Pi a powerful smart home control center.


Illustrating mathematical concepts in video with Manim

May 30, 2021

Manim lets you program video sequences with a few lines of Python code to present mathematical problems in an engaging and scientifically accurate way.

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