What happens if the FSF collapses?

The Future of the FSF

Jun 21, 2021

With the controversy surrounding Richard Stallman’s reinstatement to the Free Software Foundation board refusing to go away, Bruce contemplates the future of the FSF.

Deep Dive

Exploring the kernel's mysterious Kconfig configuration system

Feb 02, 2021

The Kconfig configuration system makes it easy to configure and customize the Linux kernel. But how does it work? We'll take a deep dive inside Kconfig.

The Plot Twists

Real-time plots in 20 lines

Feb 02, 2021

Use Gnuplot with command-line utilities.

Secret Delivery

Secure communication over the unreliable UDP transport with DTLS

Apr 28, 2021

TLS encryption is wonderful if it is running over a reliable transport protocol like TCP; but if your needs call for the less reliable UDP transport, you'd better start learning about DTLS.

Visual Cues

Visual Studio Code for programming a Raspberry Pi

Dec 23, 2020

Professional and casual Python developers save time and keystrokes in a Visual Studio Code development environment for remote coding of a Raspberry Pi.

Health Check

Perform basic system checks with checksecurity

Feb 02, 2021

Linux offers users a wide range of options for system configuration. With the help of the checksecurity tool collection, you can automatically monitor basic system settings.

Strictly Structured

Gnome extension with a tiling function

Feb 02, 2021

The Gnome extension Material Shell organizes the windows on your desktop, giving you many options for smoothly switching between different applications and views.

A Survey of Init Systems

Init Alternatives

May 25, 2021

While most distros ship with systemd, init alternatives exist. Here are a few of the leading init systems available for Linux.

Newly Wallpapered

Add Variety to your desktop

Dec 23, 2020

Don't let your desktop look boring. With the Variety wallpaper manager, you can easily set up a rotating selection of background images and other customized options.

Tutorial – Ventoy

A tool for distro hoppers

Dec 23, 2020

With Ventoy you can conveniently put multiple bootable ISO images on a single USB drive.

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