Fedora 7 Re-Spin including latest updates

Oct 04, 2007

Fedoras Re-Spins are “new installation versions” including a full set of updates since the official release. The project uses the “Jigdo Method” for a quick download.

Periodic updates aren’t included on the distribution media from the Fedora project. Often, a download of more than a hundred MB is needed to install new packets on a fresh installation . Re-Spin puts this right by including the latest release with updates up to a specific date. The latest Fedora 7 Re-Spin includes all updates up to a specific date of 12 September 2007. The downloadable file contains the DVD and CD images. Supported architectures include i386 and x86_64. The 64 bit image is still in testing. Feedback is requested to the Fedora Unit Bugtracker.

The Re-Spins provided by the community project, are available now as Jigdo files, rather than Bittorrent previously. Jigdo is a GPL software which transfers large volumes of data like ISO images over networks, in a resource saving way. Users have to install the Jigdo client (current version: 0.7.3), which currently uses a shell script for the download; the GUI download manager still isn't ready. On the upside, the Re-Spin download for Fedora is just 296KB.

The Fedora-Re-Spins are provided by the Fedora Unity project, a group inside the Fedora project, which provides the Re-Spins for “from the community, for the community”. The project uses the current packets and processes from the Fedora project for this.

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