Graphics Chipsets: Intel Releases Documentation

Feb 04, 2008

Chip giant Intel has released comprehensive documentation on its 965 Express and G35 Express chipsets.

Last year, Intel and developers from the and Mesa projects joined forces to program an Open Source driver for the Intel 965GM Express graphics platform. Now, Intel has released critical documentation for developers. The PDFs comprise some 1600 pages of documentation. The Linux Graphics Drivers from Intel page set up by Intel serves as a central repository on the Web where users can access driver and chipset downloads. The documentation was released under a Creative Commons License (Attribution-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States).

Developer Greg Kroah-Hartman who is renowned for his commitment to Linux drivers congratulated Intel on this step. As the initiator of the Linux Driver Project, he is well aware of the issues that driver developers can face, lacking documentation. Hartman is offering hardware manufacturers the option of programming Linux drivers for free, if the manufacturer is prepared to contribute input in the form of test hardware and documentation.

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