Oracle Announces Autonomous Linux

Sep 17, 2019

A new addition to Oracle Linux would eliminate cases like Equifax where failure to patch leads to disaster.

At the Oracle OpenWorld event, Larry Ellison announced Oracle Autonomous Linux, an addition to Oracle Linux that lifts the burden of managing and maintaining the operating system off the shoulders of operators and sysadmins.

Oracle Autonomous Linux can provision, patch, tune, and scale the system automatically. Oracle is offering the feature for free to Oracle Linux customers.

In an exclusive interview to TFiR, Wim Coekaerts, Senior Vice President, Software Development at Oracle, explained that Autonomous Linux is built on top of Oracle Linux. The genesis of it is Oracle Autonomous database, where we take away the mundane tasks from admins to keep the database secure and do upgrades for users. However, the OS running underneath the database was its achilles heel. An unpatched and poorly tunes system may have adverse effects on the database itself.  So Oracle borrowed the ideas from an autonomous database and brought them to Oracle Linux.

“As a developer or sysadmin, you push a button and we provision the VM on bare-metal for you and we do the online patching so you don’t have to worry about downtime,” said Coekaerts.

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