Pioneer Explorer 1.1 Server Helps Newcomers to Discover Linux

Sep 12, 2007

The Pioneer Linux Explorer Server is targeted at newcomers. The commercial distribution is available free of charge for non-commercial use.

Pioneer Explorer Server can be launched from a CD as a live system for testing before installation. Version 1.1 is completely Debian based. The repository is maintained by Technalign and the community. The server software uses Webmin as a Web administration interface via SSL. Version 1.1 is available in English only; other languages are expected as of version 1.2.

Pioneer Explorer Server is available as an ISO on the company's website. Community versions of Pioneer Linux are available for free non-commercial use.

Besides the Explorer community series, which uses KDE just like the commercial Pioneer Linux Basic version (currently version 3.0), there is also a desktop version (Pioneer Explorer, Version 1.0) of Pioneer Linux. Pioneer Renegade (again Version 1.0) offers the same features, but with Gnome.

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