Ttylinux now for ARM and PowerPC

Apr 06, 2010

The minimalist ttylinux distro is now available in ARM and PowerPC versions.

Version 9.3 of ttylinux is for the ARM architecture (more specifically, ttylinux-armv5tej) and version 11.1 is for PowerPC processors in Mac G3s and G4s. The new platforms are compatible with Intel architectures that ttylinux supports from 486SX processors up to the newest 64-bit CPUs.

Ttylinux uses only 8 MBytes for its filesystem. Hard drive installations require 16 MB RAM and a RAM disk requires 24 MB. The minimal Linux uses current versions of the Linux kernel and the GNU C Library. It is Internet-capable and can be used as an embedded system or in older desktop hardware.

Further details and downloads of bootable IOS images and source code are available on the project homepage.

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