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Tweet from the Command Line with Twidge

Productivity Sauce


Mustard: Nifty Client for Android

Productivity Sauce


Who's Linus? 4 Fake Linus Torvalds' on Twitter


The sys admin's daily grind: TTYtter

SYSADMIN: Twittering Machine

All the PHPWomen that's fit to Tweet

ROSE Blog: Rikki's Open Source Exchange


Hanging with my Tweet Peeps

ROSE Blog: Rikki's Open Source Exchange


Back up Your Tweets with Twitter Backup

Productivity Sauce


Google Sets Jaiku Free


To Twitter, or not to Twitter

ROSE Blog: Rikki's Open Source Exchange


Going Live: "This Week in Django" at DjangoCon

It all starts with a tweet.


For more than 36 episodes over the past 10 months, Trier and Rosner, the co-hosts of TWiD, have been weekly voices of the Django community – discussing big news, tracking trunk releases, covering community notes, and inviting the occasional guest to join the discussion. And this weekend, at the first ever DjangoCon, the TWiD crew gets its chance to broadcast live and uncut in front of all their peers – the community that powers the content driving TWiD each and every week.

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