Security News and Articles

Fuzzing and the quest for safer software

NEWS: The Buzz on Fuzz free

Simplify your firewall setup

LINUX VOICE: Fire Protection free

Protecting your private key with the OpenPGP smartcard

NEWS: Card Games free

Data encryption with SiriKali

NEWS: Hardened Choice free

Better security auditing with Auditd and the Integrity Measurement Architecture

IN-DEPTH: Gotcha free

Secure communication over the unreliable UDP transport with DTLS

IN-DEPTH: Secret Delivery free

Gopher, Gemini, and the rise of the small Internet

LINUX VOICE: Beyond the Web free

Secure decoupled messaging with DANE and the TLSA resource record

IN-DEPTH: Decoupled and Secure free

Perform basic system checks with checksecurity

IN-DEPTH: Health Check free

Smartphone-based two-factor authentication

IN-DEPTH: Double Your Security free

Issue 272/2023

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