Browser News and Articles

Using browser extensions to uncover disinformation

IN-DEPTH: Trust Tools free

Build your own web server in a few simple steps

IN-DEPTH: Self Made free

Not So Brave New World

A for-profit, open source browser


The Brave browser promises speed and privacy, but its quest for profit compromises security at every turn.

Decoding videos in Firefox with VA-API

IN-DEPTH: Full Potential free

Testing Waterfox, a Firefox alternative

LINUX VOICE: Browsing Options free

Microsoft Edge Coming to Linux


Customizing the way your browser stores and organizes data

NEWS: Sweeping Up free

Share Web Pages with the Dedicated Button in Firefox

Productivity Sauce


Cog: System Info App for Chrome and Android

Productivity Sauce


Finding a DRM-free replacement for Firefox

Off the Beat: Bruce Byfield's Blog


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