Centos 4.6 Catches Up with Updates

Dec 17, 2007

Shortly after a revision of the current 5 branch of the Centos release, the Red Hat Enterprise source-based distribution has now updated the older release to version 4.6.

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KhmerOS of Cambodia finalist in Stockholm Challenge GKP award 2007 for excellent ICT for development project

Dec 12, 2007

"We envision a country where Cambodians can learn and use computers in their own language, a country that does not have to change to a new language in order to use computers!" (KhmerOS Software Initiative mission)

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Ultraportable PC: Everex Competing with Eee PC

Dec 11, 2007

US vendor Everex is looking to release an ultraportable notebook at a budget price to compete with the Asus EEE.

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First Opensuse 11 Alpha

Dec 10, 2007

Stephan Kulow has announced an initial alpha version of Opensuse 11 on the Opensuse Announce mailing list.

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Debian MIA: Raiders of the "Lost" Maintainer

Dec 07, 2007

Debian project maintainers who just stop maintaining their software packages and fail to respond to mail are a big problem for the free Linux distribution. Now, Debian is introducing new rules to resolve the issue.

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Debian Conference 2009 in Spain’s Extremadura

Dec 03, 2007

Debconf, the annual Debian Project Conference will be taking place in Spain’s Extremadura region 2009, as Jörg Jaspert announced on the free software project’s mailing list.

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Centos 5.1 now with Network Install

Dec 03, 2007

Centos, a distribution based on the GPL’d sources of Red Hat Linux is following in its role model’s footsteps and has just gone to version 5.1.

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EnGarde Secure Linux Community 3.0.18 Released

Nov 29, 2007

Guardian Digital, a provider of Open Source security solutions, today announced the latest release of EnGarde Secure Linux Community 3.0.18, the world's first Open Source security platform.

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