Openmoko Gets New Life in Brazil After Being Declared Dead

Jul 14, 2009

Thanks to Jon "Maddog" Hall the Openmoko project has got a new stimulus: a Brazilian university has offered to partipate in Openmoko development. The blessing of the Brazilian government could lead to new Openmoko models.

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Video: Stallman on DRM, Patents and C #

Jul 09, 2009

In another of our videos of the Gran Canaria Desktop Summit, Richard Stallman declares his position on DRM, patents and C #.

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Video: Keynote Conference at the Desktop Summit

Jul 09, 2009

Keynote speakers have been facing the press at the Gran Canaria Desktop Summit. Richard Stallman, Walter Bender and Robert Lefkowitz discussed the birth process of free software.

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Gran Canaria Desktop Summit: Saints, Gentlemen and Schoolchildren

Jul 04, 2009

At the start of the Gran Canaria Desktop Summit on the Canary Islands, Richard Stallman, Robert Lefkowitz and Walter Bender rallied open source developers in their common tasks.

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VFAT Patch to Bypass Patent Issue

Jun 30, 2009

Developer Andrew Tridgell has made known that he devised a patch to avoid the possible patent issues with the VFAT filesystem in Linux.

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Mono Discussion: Stallman Warns, Ubuntu Dismissive

Jun 29, 2009

The introduction of Mono into Linux and the open source environment begs risking patent claims from Microsoft. Free Software Foundation founder Richard Stallman sees it that way. The Technical board at Ubuntu, on the other hand, doesn't consider it any reason to be disturbed.

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It Runs: Torvalds Pleased with Kernel Development and Git

Jun 12, 2009

Development of the next Kernel 2.6.31 has just begun, which leaves Linus Torvalds some time for blogging again. He's apparently in good spirits, at least as to the current source code management.

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SELinux Sandbox for Untrusted Programs

May 28, 2009

The security framework SELinux is set to offer a Sandbox in which applications deemed insecure can be partitioned off from other system areas.

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