Linux Mint 8 Released

Nov 30, 2009

Ubuntu fans that have slight problems with their current version 9.10 might want to look at Linux Mint. Version 8, a.k.a. "Helena," is now ready for download.

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PulseAudio: New Version with Support in KDE 4.4

Nov 25, 2009

Phonon in KDE 4.4 now supports PulseAudio. Ubuntu 9.10 users can install a new version of the sound server via Launchpad PPA.

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OggCamp and LugRadio Live 2009 this Weekend

Oct 23, 2009

This weekend, OggCamp and LugRadio Live will be held in Wolverhampton, England.

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Banshee 1.5.1: Support for Endless Play and More Phones

Oct 19, 2009

Banshee is an audio video player for Gnome. The latest version 1.5.1 of the Mono program is regarded as stable and brings numerous new features.

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Sep 18, 2009
OSS Conferenc e in the Aftermath of The Morakot Typhoon Linux Podcasts a Summer Hit New Swiss Linux Distro ...
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Amarok supports storage on external data storage units

Aug 17, 2009

As of yesterday, the Nightly Builds from Amarok now support storage maintenance on USB data storage units. This feature is to be found in Amarok 2.2.

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From Mac to Linux: A Musician Convert

Aug 06, 2009

The Mac is fairly widespread among musicians because tons of professional programs run on it. Apparently Ubuntu can completely replace the Mac, however, as in the following story.

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Amarok to Palm: "Forget Apple, Come to Us!"

Jul 17, 2009

Open source project Amarok, in an open letter to Palm, has invited the company to work with them. The reason: the Apple iTunes 8.2.1 update guarantees that the Linux-based Palm Pre smartphone can no longer use the iTunes music management software.

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