Power Saving Mini-PC from Israel

Oct 22, 2007

The ENC-iGLX is a tiny PC computer based on AMD's Geode LX processor; about the size of a paperback, the ENC-iGLX is available under the Fit-PC brand with Gentoo or Ubuntu Linux preinstalled, although users can order Windows if they prefer.

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Q3 2007: Intel Makes a Profit, AMD a Loss

Oct 22, 2007

The two chip manufacturers closed Q3 with a net loss of US$ 396 m for AMD and a profit of US$ 1.9 billion for Intel.

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New Nokia Tablet N810 with Keyboard and GPS

Oct 19, 2007

Nokia has just announced the latest version of its Linux-based tablet PC. The device comes with a 4.13 inch touch screen, and a full-fledged keyboard.

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Asus Board with Embedded Linux for Fast Web Access

Oct 08, 2007

Asus recently released the P5E3 Deluxe/WiFi-AP@n, a mainboard for Intel CPUs that includes embedded Linux for Web access and Skype telephony and is capable of booting in a matter of seconds.

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Small Quad-Core Server by Sun

Sep 26, 2007

Sun Microsystems has just announced ist new Sun Fire X4150 and X4450 64 bit servers based on Intel's Xeon quad core CPU.

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No Ties GPU Specification Release by AMD

Sep 10, 2007

In contrary to recent reports, AMD staff has now announced that they will be providing ATI graphics processor specifications to driver developers with no ties attached.

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HP Reveals Server with Intel's Quad-Core Processor

Sep 07, 2007

HP is offering a rack server and a blade server with Intel's new quad-core processor.

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Xeon 7300: Intel's First Quadruple-Core Processor Platform

Sep 06, 2007

The Xeon 7300er processor family is Intel's first quad-core processor for multiple processor servers. The energy efficiency of the new processors differs depending on the speed with 2.93 GHz requiring 130 Watts compared to 50 Watts for a 1.86 GHz version.

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