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You might have noticed that the green button you use to start presentations is labeled Impress. This means the presentation generator currently is Impress.js. You can drop down the button list and view the other presentation generators (e.g., Bespoke and Handouts). If you select Bespoke, you get many predefined transitions in the transition editor; however, you can only select one transition, and the presentation is generated with that effect. The Handouts generator renders the presentation with the presenter notes and is useful if you want to practice or print the presentation notes.

Use Cases

As a web-based presentation generator, Strut can be put to several innovative use cases, such as making it the official presentation editor for your organization. Although Strut is in open beta now, you can set it up on your office intranet and encourage people to use it as their presentation-making tool in lieu of their usual desktop-based presentation editor.

You also can present your ideas on mobile devices. Strut presentations are all fully responsive, so you can pitch your ideas to people with just your phone or tablet. Additionally, a lot of academic institutions are now increasing their presence online with study materials. Strut can be used to create such materials easily. Even without a basic knowledge of HTML, someone can create the presentations and host them.

I am sure there are many other innovative ways to use Strut. The best way to find them is to start using Strut yourself and learn its various features.


  1. Strut homepage:
  2. Grunt:
  3. Strut GitHub page:

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