On the DVD

On the DVD

Article from Issue 232/2020

GParted and Kali Linux

Two Terrific Distros

Kali Linux (64-bit)

Kali Linux is a popular distro dedicated to the craft of penetration testing. Kali comes with hundreds of practical tools for information gathering, vulnerability analysis, wireless attacks, and stress testing. A bootable Forensics mode leaves the drives unmounted and provides a powerful collection of forensics utilities.

GParted (64-bit)

The GParted Live DVD is the easiest and best way to access the GParted partition editor. Use GParted to create space for new operating systems, grow or shrink existing partitions, and rescue data from lost partitions.


  1. Kali Linux: https://www.kali.org/
  2. Kali documentation: https://www.kali.org/docs/
  3. Kali Linux Tools: https://tools.kali.org/tools-listing
  4. GParted: https://gparted.org/
  5. GParted documentation: https://gparted.org/documentation.php

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