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Article from Issue 233/2020

Cast to TV is a Gnome extension that streams media files from a PC to a Chromecast-enabled device.

A Chromecast [1] is a small USB dongle that lets you stream audio-visual content from a mobile device to your TV. Just attach Chromecast to your TV, and you can stream to the TV using an Android or other device that supports Google Cast technology.

Google originally developed Chromecast to support streaming from Android phones, but the open source community has never been slow to grasp an opportunity. Cast to TV is a Gnome Shell extension that lets you send pictures, music, and video to a Chromecast-enabled TV from the Gnome desktop. And if you don't happen to have a Chromecast device, use the Playercast app on a Raspberry Pi or other Linux computer to receive the stream and act as an interface to your TV.

Cast to TV for Gnome

You'll find Cast to TV at the Gnome Extensions [2] website. Simply flip the switch from Off to On. For the installation to work, you also must install the native host connector and a browser add-on available for Chrome/Chromium and Firefox (see the "Installing Gnome Extensions" box).


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