Adapt the appearance of the GRUB boot menu, boot screen, and KDE splash screen

Variations on a Theme

Article from Issue 233/2020

Power users can adjust the look of their desktops in openSUSE with just a few clicks. We'll show you how to customize the GRUB boot menu, the boot splash screen, and the KDE start screen.

The splash screen and other startup images are a familiar sight for any Linux distribution. Although the desktop background and color scheme can be quickly customized to suit your tastes, the GRUB boot menu (Figure 1) and the boot splash screen (Figure 2) are far more difficult to customize. This article describes how to modify and unify your system by changing the GRUB boot menu and the boot and KDE splash screens to fit your personal preferences. The following examples are based on openSUSE, but the procedures are similar for other Linux systems – especially KDE-based systems.

Start with YaST

If you're working in openSUSE or another SUSE variant, you can use YaST to select a different theme for the GRUB boot menu. Use the graphical tool in System/YaST Bootloader (Figure 3). Select the theme.txt file for your choice of theme. YaST will do the rest of the work.

Unfortunately only the default theme is preinstalled on openSUSE. However, there is a grub2-theme-breeze package for a retrofit that matches the plain, monochrome, original KDE start screen. [1], the former, has a choice of around 350 themes. Unpack the zip archive you download from the site and – working with root privileges – move the subfolder with the theme.txt file into the /boot/grub2/themes/ directory.


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