Smooth out your words with Imaginary Teleprompter


Article from Issue 237/2020

A teleprompter can help you give a polished look to your speeches and video presentations. Imaginary Teleprompter is a free tool that delivers professional teleprompting capabilities.

Teleprompters have become an important tool in television and politics. The goal of a teleprompter is to display text to the speaker in a way that gives the viewer the impression the speaker is improvising. The recent rise of platforms such as YouTube or Dailymotion has democratized video production, which means that more and more private video bloggers have an occasional need for teleprompters to deliver essays, speeches, and other presentations.

You don't need expensive equipment to integrate a teleprompter with your video creations. Armed with just a Raspberry Pi and the free Imaginary Teleprompter [1] software, you will have the same capabilities as speakers at a political event or on TV.

For Everyone

Imaginary Teleprompter is available at the project website for all common platforms. Many distributions also offer their own binary packages. Since the RaspPi does not appear explicitly in this list, the recommendation is to choose the appropriate AppImage from the Other Linux Distros section.


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