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Article from Issue 237/2020

Working with multimedia files usually involves converting from one format to another. With MystiQ you can handle this task in next to no time.

Multimedia content is available on the web and on data carriers in many formats. Often, your chosen media player doesn't understand all of them. This means that you will find numerous tools on Linux that convert audio or video formats. Although these tools offer a great deal of flexibility through numerous options, they are often confusing, especially to newcomers.

MystiQ [1] follows a different strategy. The program converts multimedia files, no matter whether you need to change the format of an audio file or a movie, but it keeps to the essentials. That makes it possible to convert any content with just a few mouse clicks and without extensive training. The numerous presets that you can apply to frequently used video and audio formats make the program easier to use.

Find It

The program can already be found in the repositories of several distributions, including OpenMandriva, Arch Linux, KaOS, and Slackware. You install it there with the respective package management tools.


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