Asciidoctor: AsciiDoc with new functions Performance Enhanced

Asciidoctor: AsciiDoc with new functions Performance Enhanced

Article from Issue 241/2020

The popular AsciiDoc documentation system still has a lot to offer, but more experienced users should check out Asciidoctor, which has some additional new features.

AsciiDoc [1] is a publication and documentation system, as well as a markup and formatting language. The simple syntax and clear-cut markup make source code edited with AsciiDoc easy to read directly.

However, those familiar with AsciiDoc may be interested in the additional features available with Asciidoctor. While Asciidoctor is designed for compatibility with AsciiDoc, there are points at which it differs from the original, including greater speed and a number of useful features.

New Capabilities

AsciiDoc's first versions date back to 2002. Today the packages are part of the standard feature set in many distributions and can be imported from their repositories. Besides HTML and XHTML, AsciiDoc supports the DocBook output format, which is useful as source material for generating specially formatted HTML, PDF, EPUB, DVI, LaTeX, roff, and PostScript files.


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