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© Photo by Jr Korpa on Unsplash

© Photo by Jr Korpa on Unsplash

Article from Issue 257/2022

Deepin offers a visually stunning OS with a few unique quirks.

Deepin [1] is a distribution developed in Wuhan, China by Deepin Technology. Its homepage proclaims it "the top Linux distribution from China," although similar claims are sometimes made for Ubuntu Kylin. Deepin has a longstanding reputation for attention to visual detail that is more reminiscent of macOS than Windows. Like elementary OS, deepin is visually stunning right out of the box, without any customization. However, when you start to install, you soon realize that its aesthetics come at a cost.

For one thing, the installer suggests a minimum of 64GB of disk drive and recommends 128GB to enable all of the effects, although these requirements are not mentioned until you choose a disk to partition. By contrast, Ubuntu requires a minimum of 512MB for a perfectly functional Gnome desktop and can function on older computers that deepin cannot.

For another, the organization of the Deepin Desktop Environment (DDE) has a logic all its own. This logic is not difficult to figure out but does take some adjustment when working with it, to an extent that Gnome or Plasma do not.


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